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Monday, 6 June 2011


1=1: this is my riddle – it is the explanation of explanations - using an explanation to explain an explanation - like using a text to sub define its own meaning
1=1: the problem is equal to the solution. The problem is that I have a concept to explain to you. The solution is for you to understand the concept.
1=1: I need to explain the concept by communicating it and you need to understand it by receiving it.
1=1: there is a lack of time equal to space, which the time occupies.
1=1: insanity is equal to sanity – this theory is essentially based on temporary insanity

The concept is not a picture or a sound. The only way to transfer the information is by delivering it in a linear train of thought. When humans communicate intellectual concepts based on a process of verbal or written communication, they send and receive the concept in parts transferred along a train of thought. I prefer thinking of it (in concept *giggle*) as balls tied in series on a string – or an anal beaded dildo – though, this aint going through your ass as much as it is anally raping your mind.
So, if I were to describe an anal dildo to you, I would have to say:
1.     It’s big
2.     Its hard
3.     It’s black
4.     It’s bendable
5.     Its smelly
This form of communication is based on descriptive compartment of the train of thought coming consecutively, one, after the other. This is how we think when we’re sane – in a linear pattern. When thinking on a level of insanity (such as that of thoughts processed on sheer liquid wonder mint) our minds behold entire complete concepts with all its parts in a network (at once).
So, we don’t just see the compartments of the train on after another, rather, we see the whole train, all of its shapes, colours and smells and all its constituents in the compartments all at once (*smirk* - come back and read this previous sentence after you understand 1=1).

So our minds behold the concept but we can’t place the concept in someone else’s mind in an instant. It takes a linear pattern of communication in time within space to transfer the idea through consecutive detailing of the concept. This takes time – say one second for 1, one second for 2 and one second for 3 = 3 seconds. The time exists in the space it occupies – between the sender and receiver.

1=1: in order to transfer the idea in the form it is created/conceived/visualized/beheld in, it must be constructed. So, just as I have constructed this idea of a concept being communicated in its wholesome form in an instant so it has taken time for you to build it. But if I could have transferred it in an instant, it would have taken no time and you would understand the idea without having to read all of this. Thus, the idea of 1=1 is the problem (me telling it to you)- the solution is 1=1 (you understanding it). Now, imagine I could have transferred all the information above as one entire idea at once – network.

Basically, I’m trying to explain to you how people explain things. And in doing so (explaining it) I am making an explanation. But if I didn’t have to explain it, then there would be no (need for an) explanation. So 1, my explaining of explanations (or any topic) is equal to 1, my explanation. So, 1=1 just happened. In me explaining what 1=1 means, 1=1 has just happened.
1=1: this is my riddle – it is the explanation of explanations - using an explanation to explain an explanation - like using a text to sub define its own meaning. It's like using (showing) web analytics to explain what web analytics is. In the case of explanations, it becomes confusing because you're explaining an explanation, just like i'm doing right now. Thus, what i'm explaining to you is what is happening.

Now, 1=1 also exists, furthermore in the redundancy of the English language. Double meanings in words and the way they must be explained is 1=1. This is because 1 should be the word =1 should be the meaning. But 1 is the word =1 is the explanation of the word. For example, “oh, she’s divine” – is she excellent or holy? Your subconscious mind has its own conscious movements and your conscious mind has its own conscious and subconscious movements (see the master mediates your realm).

So, anywhere something must be explained but could have simply been delivered in its single, instantaneous entirety of meaning, 1=1. With no reason or explanation, 1 does not equal 1. And then we can attain the network – this network I believe, is where we are all one. Where we all transfer information not through linear patterns, but through the network our mind perceives whilst we are insane. The network unfortunately, in life has to channel into a linear equation. In death, in the deep inside, in the infinitesimal core, in the infinity of everything where everything is equal to nothing, we are all one networked one. Thus, there, 1=1 with no need for explanation.

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