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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The master mediates your realm

The subconscious mind beholds the all-powerful infinite possibilities. The material world, though defined by its own infinite realm of possibility, is a smaller infinity than the subconscious all-powerful infinity (see the key, The material world is 1 to 2 where as the subconscious realm is from 2 to, well, infinity.

It is not a fair game – my subconscious mind versus my material being.

My subconscious mind plays tricks on my material being.

To understand it, imagine your brain as a node inside your head. This is your material being. It holds knowledge. It is the ego. It is the sense of self and who you are. It exists in the material world. The brain’s node is connected to the subconscious mind’s node. It exists in a sphere of infinity and within the sphere contains the material world. Imagine a man standing at the bottom of the inside of a snow globe. Only, the globe is not a ball wrapped around the man. Rather, the ball at the top has been pushed in by a finger to merge with the top of the man’s head. This leaves a place outside the glass which you could drop a marble in. The man’s head is the material being’s node and the marble is the subconscious mind’s node – connected by the sphere of the molded in globe. The subconscious mind holds concept or the form of the knowledge held within the ego. Alex Grey’s work, alongside Tool, can help you conceptualize subconscious concept (1=1) and material being (we're seeing the man from inside the globe). The subconscious mind like a marble can move away from the material being (man), but in this case they are connected nodes.

A trick is played on the material being, by the subconscious mind, when a thought is subconsciously (without our mediated monitoring) transmitted. So, when the brain produces a thought, that thought is transmitted to the subconscious mind – it’s sneaky. This thought is channeled by the subconscious mind without the material being’s weary, conscious knowledge (1=1, knowledge - being the unknowing registration of the thought as well as the knowledge the material being holds) of its message being sent or delivered (subconsciously subconscious 1=1 when talking about transmitting thoughts – the subconscious mind receives signals [concepts, not knowledge] which are subconsciously passed, or rather, unwittingly, and thus, not registered by the material being.{So many double meanings}. Basically, the subconscious mind consciously registers the conscious minds thought which has happened subconsciously (but not of the subconscious mind - rather just unwittingly). This means the subconscious mind is merely active where the material being's conscious mind is passive.

The trick is a challenge, by the material being (to the subconscious mind) in its judgmental properties. So, for example, we need to learn a lesson for a wrong doing such as passing a judgment at a fat lady. But the game is not fair, thus, it is meant to be humbling, so our subconscious mind will always win, unless we are using it in confidence to achieve a greater goal (see mediate your realm). So the subconscious mind picks up the judgment, which we have passed. We only see it as “that’s a huge bitch”. Our material mind’s knowledge does not register any further. Our subconscious mind, however, picks up on the judgment and registers it without our material being knowing it has done this. Our subconscious mind then manipulates our material world in a series of events and structures which lead to us seeing that it was wrong to judge. It is humbling as the way it teaches us the lesson, at least the quick, harsh and very clear immediate one’s, are blatantly obvious, unforgiving and punishing in their realization of what we have done wrong. The quick and meaningful one’s tend to be very brutal and in your face. Others take time, but the important thing is that we see the mistakes and learn from the lessons.

To make this a little more concrete, one can only share the personal experience it came from. Whilst entering the realm of "the deep inside" at a party called “Vortex”, I truly do believe I came to understand the logic behind the name. I turned to a friend and pointed out a really enormous lady jumping around in tight clothing. I said “that’s a huge bitch”, just as anyone who happens to be a little judgmental would – such as my friend laughing (who is ultimately a really pure hippie). A very short while after, I left the dance floor to find weird looks coming my way, some intense body pains and a serious amount of introspective self-doubt occurring upon my confidence making me very self-conscious about everything I was doing. My nose was a little runny and I was so afraid people were seeing shnoz coming out my noz. It was really dark. I started to become unable to talk to people because I was so riddled in self-doubt and paranoia. Eventually I came back the dance floor only to find this lady walking right past me with a smile on her face. And all of a sudden my mind was clear and I was happy again. My subconscious had played a really mean trick on me, making it so apparently obvious that there were people at the party who were not having a good time based on their insecurities and lack of self-confidence/self-esteem. But passing that woman only to find a smile on her face showed me that I shouldn’t be so judgmental because there are people present with out the ability to be confident and all because of people like me. But they can (as she was with her smile) enjoy their time, just as much as anyone, being who they are. Her smile showed me she was okay with who she was, having a fun time nonetheless, but I shouldn’t be so quick to judge because I will experience the other side of it if I do, only, the irony, is the fact that I was on the converse side mediated by my subconscious. She was happy on the other side, mediated by herself. It was good to return back to normal knowing I had learnt a lesson and I have not judged anyone so since. Because I don’t know if my subconscious will pick it up, clockwork orange the shit out of my world and rape my material being.

The humbling shows that one can mediate one’s own realm with the confidence in one’s ego or material being. But in order to learn, reality (a moldable thing we can manipulate) must be used against you. The same way you manipulate it (material being versus material world) so your subconscious mind uses your material world to play with your material being – and also the same way your material being uses your material world to access your subconscious mind. You can curse your subconscious mind for being such a ruthless prick for manipulating your world and bringing you to your knees to suck the dick of life, but you should always thank it because after all, we’re here to learn, and a little bit of jizz in the eye never killed anyone. Its some jizz from your third eye any way.


  1. this blog is the shit and i found it so randomly. the odds of me finding this are so slim and i love the ideas you are exploring. im getting some quality mind expansion from this

  2. it's still in the start up... but it will get there... i'm glad you found it... hopefully i will persist to keep the expansion going....THANKS Fancy Lad!!!!

  3. By the way... please feel free to engage in a debate if you disagree... always looking for more expansion myself

  4. @anonymous - i never claimed to have done these paintings -and i have specifically stated they are his "Alex Grey’s work, alongside Tool, can help you conceptualize subconscious concept (1=1) ". Please don't throw such narrow minded accusations at me unless you are better versed in your argument.

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