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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Welcome to the doorway to infinity

I'd like to welcome you to my blog. It is based on your imagination - cause you could very well just be imagining it anyway. My blogs will be based on my ability to take your mind, drown it in sheer liquid imaginative wonder-fluid, and use logical deductive theory to, well, fuck your mind so hard it truly believes it has just been punished by a pornstar, but more literally, ingested enough L_S_R_I_ A_I_D D_E_H_L_M_D_ to bring Hunter Thompson back to life salivating in all his glory from the orgasmic magnitude of the brain-shake you can experience.

So what am I actually saying already? Basically, on psychedelic substances you like pretty colours, awesome music and trippy environments. These are great, but I aim to add to the psychedelic experience by creating intellectual, mind-blowing material for people to read and discuss or merely cogitate and meditate on within their realm of infinite possibility.

1=1, one equals one, this is the equation and the solution


  1. Love your stuff!!!!! Did you create them?

  2. @ anonymous, glad you're intrigued... alas, no - what astounding artworks they are though..All visual art - besides a few pictures is all a collection of art of similar genre or taste. It was done by astounding artists, most of which are labelled. all the theoretical work is my own entirely.